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A Short Story

About us

The concept of Open Space in Learning (= originally 'White Space') had already started to take shape within Steve’s own teaching and consultancy work by the time he met Jori during Jori's teacher exchange visit to Staffordshire University, England, from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland in January 2015. From the first discussions on they have enjoyed discussing and working together. It seems they have similar mindset, thinking and the way how to process abstract phenomena.

Jori has known Sisko for a long time as a colleague in Tampere University of Applied Sciences /School of Professional Teacher Education (TAOK) - since 2009. Together they e.g. designed and ran TAOK's teacher training program in English, which started in 2015. A couple of years later, Steve, Jori and Sisko designed and implemented joint study courses between Staffordshire University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences student teachers.

In the Spring 2022 Steve and Jori decided that from Autumn on they would focus on website instead of writing articles. This is how Learning Teacher Conversations (LTC) website was born. Sisko joined the editors of LTC at the beginning of December 2022.

Steve Hall's bio

Teacher in secondary, middle and primary schools in England for 35 years; primary school Headteacher for 18 years. Moved into Higher Education seeking new challenges as Senior Lecturer in Education at Staffordshire University in January 2010. Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy.

Jori Leskelä's bio

Worked as a teacher in Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Finland for 31 years. First, after his MSc (Tech) degree, worked in industry for 8 years as designer, design manager and director. Started teacher career as a lecturer in Centria UAS. Subsequently worked as a principal lecturer and head of IME Study Programme in HAMK UAS and finally, after PhD (Ed) degree, started my third career and became teacher educator in Tampere UAS. Recently retired, but now working as a visiting lecturer in Master of Educational Leadership Study Programme in Tampere UAS.

You find some more information in LinkedIn.

Sisko Mällinen's bio

Teacher and teacher educator in Higher Vocational Education in Finland for 41 years. Specialized in online and blended learning and education export. Worked in three different Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Finland as Senior Lecturer and the last 13 years as Principal Lecturer at the School of Professional Teacher Education of Tampere UAS. Graduated from three academic universities with Master’s degrees in Philology and Education and a PhD in Vocational Education.  Started teaching languages to engineering students, ended up mentoring new vocational teachers towards pedagogical qualifications and offering pedagogical updating to colleagues from different parts of the world. Recently retired but continue teaching online and supervising Master’s theses in TAMK’s blended learning degree programme, Master in Educational Leadership.

You find more information in LinkedIn.

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