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There are many ways how to participate

We welcome you to participate on this forum. If you are interested in taking part actively, as a community member, there are many options. You can suggest articles, video presentations or podcasts of your own to be uploaded here, you can suggest whom to interview or you can suggest that we could record an interview or a discussion with you on a theme. Later on you can also participate in LTC workshops. Or, you may just give us a comment on any subject on your mind by sending us a message (see below).

We have also opened speaker's corner, a "free speech" discussion area. There you can start any educational, pedagogical, didactic or education policy discussion and participate in all the discussions that can be found there. We use the Flip application as a discussion forum. The discussions take place in the form of short videos. You can make a video or just an audio recording inside Flip, or you can upload a video made elsewhere. It is also possible to participate in a discussion that has already been started by writing a comment in the traditional way. You can access Flip's "speaker's corner" discussion area by clicking the button immediately below this text. Below that you find a field through which you can send us an email.

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