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Theme discussions and podcasts


The 'theme discussions' forum is built specifically as a "meeting place" for LTC participants (visitors and followers). You can watch videos and podcasts made by the participants themselves, you can participate in discussions, i.e. comment on them, and you can start new discussions. The videos and podcasts are located in the FLIP application. Here you will find a short description of every theme and link to watch and participate in the discussion.  

NOTE: The theme 3 is a topic-free discussion area, that is "speaker's corner".  Naturally the contents of the discussions must always be related to education.



Brian Joyce: What would I change or improve in Finnish education or society?

This is a follow-up to Brian's biographical interview conducted by Jori Leskelä.


Brian Joyce and Jori Leskelä: Credit unit counting of courses on university level in Finland

This is a follow-up to Brian's biographical interview conducted by Jori Leskelä.


Speaker's corner, a "free speech" discussion area

You can start educational, pedagogical, andragogical, didactic or education policy discussion and participate in all the discussions that can be found there. We use the Flip application as a discussion forum. The discussions take place in the form of short videos. You can make a video or just an audio recording inside Flip, or you can upload a video made elsewhere. It is also possible to participate in a discussion that has already been started by writing a comment in the traditional way.


Messages to my younger self

In Flip there is a discussion area called "Messages to my younger self". There you can publish a video or audio (max 5 min) recording on the topic.  You can also comment on videos you have watched. This area is meant for anyone to watch videos but to create a video for anyone who has life experience long enough to revisit their career, reflect on their big decisions and way of thinking. One essential question for the video is: "Would I have done anything differently, if I had had the experience and knowledge I have now?" 


More theme discussion forums will be available soon...

If you have an interesting and current theme to discuss, please send us a message (go to 'participate' page and email us).

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